by Makis Tracend

This all started from a personal need to utilize some issue tracking software to better support my users. I wanted it to be dead simple to use and create the least maintenance burden for me possible.

After looking into all the popular issue tracking software I found that most of them are technical oriented and if I can say "boring". To explain it more scientifically, they seem boring because they are unintuitive. Let's face it, issue tracking software thus far has been created by tech geeks for computer savvy people. It's meant to be used as a tool for development and not customer support.

What if a regular user wants to file an issue? I create mobile games on the side and I can't use an issue tracker that expects everyone to create a new unique account or lives in its own isolated space the user will have to visit every time he/she needs to address something.

So why not have an issue tracker that's integrated to what people are already using - and what's the most used site for the average surfer other than Facebook.

In the lack of decent software with that scope I initiated a new project named "tIssues", subtitled "Issues that need tIssues" (we had a few laughs with that)

Here is a demonstration of the expected user flow:

The project is currently under development - it's closed source but I'm open to collaborations. And if more people start using it as an app I might open source it so everyone can help improve the service

Release date: TBA

Makis Tracend

Makis Tracend

Chronic web developer. Recent startup founder.

Makis Tracend ( @tracend ) is the technical lead of San Francisco based K&D Interactive. He is also leading the development at Makesites.org, devoted to producing commercial open source using web technologies.