by Makis Tracend

Emotiglobe is a visual representation of how the world is feeling right now. The lines drawn in specific geographic locations reveal if people are happy or sad. The bigger the line is, the more intense emotions are in that area. Red lines show negative levels of happiness and green lines positive levels. This was a very old concept that was reworked a number of times - at some point it was meant to be a heatmap over a Google map - but finally came to fruition with the open sources WebGL globe and twitter-node for live twitter monitoring

It was a relatively easy setup and built in just a few days. The source code is released on Github.

Released: July 2011

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Makis Tracend

Makis Tracend

Chronic web developer. Recent startup founder.

Makis Tracend ( @tracend ) is the technical lead of San Francisco based K&D Interactive. He is also leading the development at Makesites.org, devoted to producing commercial open source using web technologies.