by Lyndel Thomas

Websockets are becoming increasingly popular and users expect realtime updates on their services. But building a web socket service from scratch is hard and relying on third-party services can be limiting. CRUDr makes it a snap for developers to take advantage of websockets in their applications.

CRUDr is a remote service that's tailored to assist web developers by offering an easy way to connect to database stores, with which they can communicate either in realtime, using websockets, or traditionally, using a REST API. Created by K&D Interactive for its internal needs, the service is extended to everyone that's interested in creating realtime applications. The aim was to make setting up persistent connection storage a breeze!

Why CRUDr rocks

  • OPEN - Connect to external DBs of your choice, so you maintain control and ownership of your data. Supporting MongoDB, SimpleDB (more to come).
  • AFFORDABLE - CRUDr is free while in Alpha & Beta. Moving forward: Free tier. Only pay for what you use. Special discounts for early adopters
  • ACCESSIBLE - CRUDr is platform-agnostic and can connect with any application that can authenticate using OAuth2: Websites, Mobile Apps, Online Games... and more. is based around the Node.js module CRUDr, which is a built on top of and supports a range of DB stores.

Lyndel Thomas

Lyndel Thomas

UI Designer / Developer

Lyndel is responsible of UI & UX at K&D Interactive. She enjoys creating simple and intuitive UIs for any screen medium, using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Whenever possible she believes in designing in the browser. Originally from Sydney, Australia, currently in San Francisco.