by Makis Tracend, Lyndel Thomas

Welcome to the makesites diary - a behind the scenes look at the open sources projects and libraries of makesites.org and the commercial projects of K&D Interactive.

We will not tutor you, although you might find the content here educational. We will not tell you how to develop. All we can tell you is what we did and what our experience was doing it.

You won't see posts dated and lost in the archive. Like our creations, our posts are constantly evolving and we cherish the history as well as the new innovations.

Developing is a process.

Our tech

As developers, we made a conscious decision to work with open source technologies. For our mobile app development, this meant committing to web apps, rather than native. For our 3D projects, it had meant getting behind WebGL instead of technologies like Unity

We coined the acronym BUJH for our standard front-end development stack. That's: Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery and Handlebars.js.

We believe wholeheartedly in JavaScript. We believe that it's possible to write well structured and performant JavaScript code. We're big fans of Node.js because it allows us to have a complete JS stack. For some projects, we still use PHP on the server side, but whenever possible, we use node in our projects.

The blog is divided into several sections:


Where we discuss the actual working projects of K&D Interactive, in various stages of release, from projects that are barely conceived to those that are out in the wild. We focus these discussion on the development of the projects, the inspirations behind them and the many, many challenges and triumphs that we met along the way.


Here we present more philosophical and theoretic discussion surrounding our development. These articles may be related to an actual product or it's creation. Sometimes it relates to several projects and sometimes it's a general discussion of things that interest us or excite or disturb us in the ever changing world of development today.

Experiments (maybe...)

Experiments is where we present articles that relate to our activities surrounding technologies that are not ready for prime time, or are not widely supported as yet. We will aim to present without bias, experiments that failed as well as those that succeeded.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy reading the content.

We're always open to further discussion and collaboration. If you'd like to get in touch with us, this is who are we:

Makis Tracend

Makis Tracend

Chronic web developer. Recent startup founder.

Makis Tracend ( @tracend ) is the technical lead of San Francisco based K&D Interactive. He is also leading the development at Makesites.org, devoted to producing commercial open source using web technologies.

Lyndel Thomas

Lyndel Thomas

UI Designer / Developer

Lyndel is responsible of UI & UX at K&D Interactive. She enjoys creating simple and intuitive UIs for any screen medium, using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Whenever possible she believes in designing in the browser. Originally from Sydney, Australia, currently in San Francisco.